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NeurOptimal® is an advanced neurotechnology for brain training. Its purpose is to promote a better functioning of the human brain, thereby improving the quality of life.

The central nervous system is responsible for controlling the human body, emotions and mind. Over time, minor changes in this complex system can affect the formation of our harmful habits and characteristics. But the good news is that NeurOptimal can help our brains detect and correct these deviations.

– Anxiety
– Stress
– Lack of memory and attention
– Sleep and eating disorders
– Negative thoughts
– Restrictive beliefs
– Apathy and lack of energy

We face these symptoms every day. Over time, we get used to them, we reconcile with them and eventually we forget that life could be different. No matter what your age is, or how certain negative features of your character have grown up, it does not have to last forever. Today you can decide to reclaim the joy of life.

This neurotechnology can be applied to children, adults and seniors.

NeurOptimal can help with children’s attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, improve peer interaction abilities. If your child struggles falling asleep, is constantly irritable, NeurOptimal sessions can help to calm him down and make him and others feel more comfortable.

Adults, meanwhile, often suffer from stress caused by rapid pace of life, which often leads to a variety of harmful attitudes or even addictions. Although these sessions are not referred to as a treatment and are not addressed to any specific problem, due to the innovative method of action of NeurOptimal, a person may experience beneficial changes in various areas. It’s easier for one to communicate, the scenes and other fears disappear, others feel more energetic, their work efficiency increases, and they make decisions more easily.

For older people NeurOptimal develops the ability to learn new things and learn new information. It can also help keep memory and healthy thinking longer.

  • What is Neuroptimal?
  • Your brain and NeurOptimal®
  • Why use Neuroptimal?
  • NeurOptimal® brain training applies:
  • How does Neuroptimal work?
  • Sessions and impact
  • NeurOptimal® advantage
What is Neuroptimal?

NeurOptimal® was developed by Dr. Clinical Psychologists. Valdine Braun (Valdeane Brown) and Dr. Sjuzan Braun (Susan Brown). The mechanism of operation of the technology is based on a dynamic neuro-feedback algorithm.

This innovative form of dynamic neuro-reciprocating is not a medical treatment – it’s brain training. During the microsecond, the microsecond system interacts with the human brain, providing them with the information they need for self-reorganization.

Your brain and NeurOptimal®

The Human Central Nervous System (CNS) is made up of the head and spinal cord. We can say that the brain is the basis of the central nervous system (CNS). This complex system is responsible for controlling the human body, emotions and mind. From the body and the environment, the brain receives information that it processes, saves and gives the person the opportunity to form an appropriate response. The entire CNS can operate smoothly thanks to a wide and well-adjusted neuron network. The human brain has 15-33 billion neurons, each of which can make up to 100,000 synaptic connections. All this network is in the human mind! Neurons communicate on the network with electrical signals. Such signals may occur in individual neurons, but may also occur in neuronal groups. These groups are oscillating at certain frequencies. The neuron groups break around other groups – this cooking is reflected in electrical changes registered on the surface of the scalp. Insignificant changes in this complex, interconnected system can change the overall picture, for example, a mild sound can cause a huge snow avalanche. The NeurOptimal® system records changes in electrical activity on the surface of the scalp and provides information about their own activity to the brain. The human brain reacts and self-regulates.

Why use Neuroptimal?

The brain trained with NeurOptimal® will function better.

It does not matter whether a person is seeking change on the physical, emotional or mental level. The human brain is one and it affects all functions of the body. If NeurOptimal® only wants to remove one negative cause, inevitably positive changes can occur in all other areas of human life. This is due to the general optimization of brain activity.

NeurOptimal experts say that a person training his brain with this unique dynamic neuro-feedback system will improve the overall quality of his life.

NeurOptimal® brain training applies:
  • health promotion;
  • stress reduction;
  • sports psychology, anxiety and excitement;
  • to increase the efficiency of work activities;
  • the optimization of intelligence, which is due to improved brain functioning;
  • improving memory and concentration;
  • creativity education;
  • the enrichment of relationships between family members, friends and colleagues;
  • the prevention of the progression of dementia;
How does Neuroptimal work?

NeurOptimal® Brain Training works as a system for detecting and monitoring brain changes in the electrical activity of the brain.

NeurOptimal® is like a mirror that helps the brain “see” its true condition. The human brain is neuroplastic, i.e. can independently adjust its operation, provided that they are provided with accurate information. Changes in brain activity may occur due to sudden changes in brain electrical activity. NeurOptimal® detects such abrupt changes and informs the brain about interrupting the sound that a person hears. These pauses also stimulate the human central nervous system to escape from the non-optimal state. After natural autocorrection, the brain becomes more efficient, effective and optimal. The result is reduced tension, better sleep quality, better concentration ability. The person just feels the relief and the joy of life!

Sessions and impact

Each person’s central nervous system is unique, so it’s impossible to accurately predict how each individual’s brain responds to the information provided by NeurOptimal®. This brain workout process can be described as reading learning – everyone is learning at a different pace.

How many sessions are needed? It depends on the person’s goals: if you start to train to feel better – after 10-12 sessions you can feel the effect and decide if it’s enough. If a person is looking for long-term changes, then 20-30 sessions are a better option. You can stop at any time and resume again later. The effect of previous training does not disappear.

NeurOptimal® advantage

NeurOptimal® is an advanced, life-changing technology based on neurological science, nonlinear dynamics, mathematics, psychology and electrical engineering. The experience of over three million hours of practical application and ease of use makes it possible to recommend NeurOptimal® as an effective and safe choice for those seeking high quality of life.

NeurOptimal® is:

  • friendly to the user because its sophisticated design is very easy to use. Just add sensors and start the session.
  • Seeking to optimize the overall brain function. This mechanism of action naturally eliminates most complaints, regardless of their cause..
  • During brain training with NeurOptimal®, no electricity, vibration or external signal penetrates into the brain. NeurOptimal® is effective globally and does not cause any side effects.
  • 100% natural, because the workout follows the brain to optimize their activity.

Price list

  • 33 min SESSION€25
  • 45 min SESSION€30
  • 10 NeurOptimal® sessions+1 FREE

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+370 639 95533

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